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Is your garden seeing a lot of moss lately? If so then our professional Aeration service could be exactly what you need! Aeration is one of the best ways to reduce compaction and thatch in your lawn.

These two issues can cause moss to grow and spread very quickly and, in some cases, even help lawn diseases spread! So, our professional Aeration service can likely help lawns stay and look healthier for much longer.

What Does Aeration Do?

Aeration thins out thatch in your lawn. This thatch is below the surface of your lawn and thinning it out will help in a number of ways. For one it will reduce compaction in the soil and this, in turn, removes much of the area where moss grows.

Aeration also helps increase water, nutrient and air access all around your lawn. Root development will be much improved too. Overall, Aeration is simply a proven and effective way to improve your lawn’s overall health.

We strongly recommend this treatment if you are noticing a lot of moss growth or have noticed your lawn drying out very quickly. We can even carry out our Aeration techniques in different ways to best suit your lawn as well.

Benefits of Lawn Aeration

One of the best benefits of lawn aeration is that it can improve the overall health of your grass. Core aeration works to provide the root zone with greater access to air, water, and fertilizer. This greater access to air, water, and nutrients improves the health of the turf, resulting in deeper and more extensive turf grass roots.

Solid-tines or Hollow-tines to Aerate Your Lawn

If you have a compacted lawn with moss and thatch or are in doubt at all, then choose hollow-tine aeration, however if you just wish to maintain your healthy lawn to an acceptable level, then solid-tine aeration should be sufficient.

Hollow-Tine Aerating

Aerating allows water to penetrate into the soil and it gives the grass roots more space to breath allowing co2 to the root zone and unhealthy gasses out and overall health of your grass. Hollow tine aerating is in my personal opinion the most beneficial treatments to a lawn but sadly the least done.

Solid-Tine Aerating

Allows a solid metal tine into the ground. Solid tines aerating is most often used on well-maintained lawns to keep compaction at bay before it becomes a problem. It’s also suitable for lawns which have a low-level of compaction.

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Devine Lawn Care Services – Why Choose Us

Offering personal and tailored lawn care services in North West England including – Bolton, Chorley, Wigan, Bowdon, Wilmslow, Knutsford, Hale, Hale Barns and Alderley Edge

Independently Run & Owned

We’re not a franchise; we are not limited to products we can use and services we can provide.

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Not a generic approach. Our recommendations are tailor-made for you and your lawn’s requirements.

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We can work around you and your requirements, whilst still focusing on seasonal timing to produce the best results

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We focus on developing your lawn from its foundations up; improving soil and root health using only high quality organic feeds

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Level 1 football grounds maintenance and Level 2 winter pitches (Applied Turf Culture).

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Scarification Before/After

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