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Disease Management

Keeping your lawn healthy and looking its best, isn’t always going to be easy. Especially when you consider the range of lawn diseases. Thankfully, at Devine Lawn Care our lawn disease management service can help.
Thanks to our experience we can help your lawn recover from a wide range of different diseases. Rather than specialising in just one or two diseases, we instead offer a much more beneficial lawn disease management service that can help you protect your lawn from multiple different diseases.

Diseases We Can Help With
Our lawn disease ,management service can help with all kinds of common (and not so common) lawn diseases. Below, is just a few of the possible diseases we can help with.

Leaf Spot
One of the most common lawn diseases in the UK. This lawn disease is caused by different fungi and spread by water. It thrives during the Spring and Summer and is more likely to target damaged or weak plants.

Dollar Spot
Despite what the name might imply this isn’t an American-only lawn disease. This disease is again spread by fungi and often shows itself in distinctive patches that cover large areas of plant life.

Red Thread
This disease affects grass and causes fine red needle-like obstructions to grow. Grass also commonly takes on a pink/ red tint as well. High levels of humidity are usually the cause for this disease but again it can be caused due to poor lawn care and harsh cutting.

Unlike the other diseases, we’ve looked at this one commonly strikes during the Autumn and Winter seasons. The cooler weather helps the disease spread. It usually shows itself as yellow patches that can spread quickly if left untreated.

This is just a small sample of the many different diseases we can help with. So, if you think your lawn is suffering from a disease get in touch with our team today. We can utilise a number of different treatments to help you manage and eventually rid your lawn of any disease.

This includes anti-fungal/ fungicide treatments to help you weaken the disease and start getting your lawn healthy again. Seeing a lawn disease take hold can be very disheartening but, by acting fast the Devine Lawn Care team can help.

All Year Lawn Care Treatment

Spring Lawn Care Treatment
Summer Lawn Care Treatment
Autumn Lawn Care Treatment
Winter Lawn Care Treatment

Devine Lawn Care Services – Why Choose Us

Offering personal and tailored lawn care services in North West England including – Bolton, Chorley, Wigan, Bowdon, Wilmslow, Knutsford, Hale, Hale Barns and Alderley Edge

Independently Run & Owned

We’re not a franchise; we are not limited to products we can use and services we can provide.

Tailor-Made to Suit Your Requirements

Not a generic approach. Our recommendations are tailor-made for you and your lawn’s requirements.

Flexible Treatments

We can work around you and your requirements, whilst still focusing on seasonal timing to produce the best results

Organic & Sustainable Lawns

We focus on developing your lawn from its foundations up; improving soil and root health using only high quality organic feeds

GMA Certified

Level 1 football grounds maintenance and Level 2 winter pitches (Applied Turf Culture).

North West Lawn Care Professionals

Offering a high quality service and taking pride in what we do has been fundamental to our clients’ lawn successes


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Scarification Before/After

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Top Seeding Before/After


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